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 "Connecting Cultures and Borders with Quality Brazilian Imports.
Your Trusted Importer and Distributor of Brazilian Products in Canada"


Based in Montreal, Quebec, Merkato is a leading distributor of special food and beverage products, offering a unique market experience.

Our approach is meticulous: we carefully select and offer high-quality products to a variety of retailers across Canada.

As a company, our mission is to inspire through excellence, dedication, and enthusiasm. Every step we take is driven by the commitment to conduct business with integrity and provide products that delight and satisfy.

Our commitment goes beyond just our products. We aim to build strong relationships with our customers, partners, and communities, aiming to positively contribute to Canada's culinary landscape.

At Merkato, we don't just import and distribute products - we build connections, share passions, and strengthen bonds through the love of good food and beverages.


Merkato offers a diverse range of high-quality Brazilian food products, carefully curated to provide comforting reminders of home for immigrants from various cultural backgrounds in Canada. Our product selection includes a wide array of special ingredients, allowing customers to savor the authentic tastes of their cultural heritage. We take great pride in being a cultural ambassador, connecting individuals to their roots and fostering a sense of belonging and unity through our flavorful offerings.

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Patricia Lacroix
CEO of Merkato Canada

Patricia Lacroix, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, is making a significant impact on the Canadian business scene through her company, Merkato Canada. With a strong background in Business Administration and over 15 years of experience in finance, Patricia's move to Canada in 2015 fueled her unwavering determination to pursue entrepreneurship. She founded Merkato Canada with the goal of bringing the flavors of Brazil to Canadian tables. Her journey has been marked by challenges and accomplishments, made possible by the opportunities Canada provided. Patricia's story highlights the power of determination and courage in achieving dreams, inspiring other entrepreneurs to turn aspirations into reality.




Maria, Elements Brazil

We at Elements Brazil believe in partnerships that share the same values. We work towards empowering Brazilian entrepreneurs and, above all, spreading the rich Brazilian culture in Canada. Merkato carries out an extraordinary job with great transparency and quality in customer and partner service.


Leandro Barbosa, LeadFoods

Our relationship with Merkato Canada was established in May/2021, when we had little presence in the province of Quebec. Now we have more consistent sales, and a better way to service the stores selling our products in the Greater Montreal Area and Quebec City. 
Working with Patricia and her team has been a great experience, and we were lucky to have had her support at the SIAL 2022, in Montreal, when we launched our new products. Thank You, Patrícia!


Isabel, Notre Pizza

Integrating Merkato's Brazilian products into our restaurant's menu has been a true culinary revelation. Our diners love the unique flavors that these authentic ingredients bring to our dishes. The team at Merkato has been fantastic to work with, providing us with valuable culinary insights and ensuring a seamless supply chain. Thanks to their partnership, we have been able to offer our customers an unforgettable taste of Brazil right here in Canada.

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